Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final Sequence Notes

Almost all the rendering is done now.  Still a few frames short, and need stars for the end section and bkgd galaxies for the beginning section.  Some issues are popping up, as discussed below.

- I rendered out the galaxy in 2 sections, separating the 2 with the clip plane.  The intention was to combine them in comp, and fade out the foreground as we transition to the S106 section.  Unfortunately, we see the movement of the clip plane coming closer through the galaxy.  I might have made a mistake with the settings, but otherwise it might be better to just have a single frame flicker...

- Dust fades in out of nowhere... The original intent was to have the camera push through some clouds to wipe the screen, but that hasn't actually happened yet.  I should probably render out the dust frames from the beginning.

- Some render artifacts that need to be comped out with a roto map.

- M51 in the background at the end looks weird... no other way to put this.  Maybe stars will help.

- I'm still not happy with the appearance of the galaxy.  Don't know if there's time to keep playing with the render settings, though.  I did a few renders playing with some settings.  The galaxy looks best from the side in screen compositing mode.  It looks best from the top with normal compositing mode.  Perhaps an interpolation between the 2 as the camera becomes more parallel with the plane of the galaxy might work.

Screen Compositing
Normal Compositing
50% Screen on top of Norma

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