Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sequence with Partial Stars

Added the stars into the sequence, and they help A LOT.  Feels less like a cloud, more like space :-).

Other notes:
1- Bkgd galaxies are good at the end of the sequence, but need to come down a bit at the beginning.
2- S106 stars flicker for 1 frame part of the way through.
3- Some of the stars blink out oddly when they get too close to camera... not sure what the best solution to that is.
4- S106 dust opacity noise could probably come up a bit for more variety.  Or possible smaller scale noise?
5- M51 feels slightly overexposed in first minute or so.
6- Slight jump due to overlapping frames around 965.
7- Still getting the clipping plane wave... no solution for this as of yet.
8- Need BG M51 stars still. 

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